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uhm not that i’m ungrateful or anything but omg guys i hope you’re not following me because of that long post about haley ‘cause i don’t meta ok? i rarely talk about characters so…

Kind of, but only insofar as it got me to check out your blog, all of which looks great to me :)

Distribution hiccups be damned: Why every copy of TFiOS is better than signed.

…and why I hope John doesn’t let this worry him too much.

To me, the value of a signed book is the sense of being connected to someone whose work I admire and enjoy.  I was thrilled when John announced his (crazy, wonderful) plan to sign all first-printing copies of TFiOS, and touched that he was willing to work so hard so that we could all get the gift of a signed book.

He didn’t balk at the fact that he would have to sign the entire first printing in order to sign all preorders.  Nor did he balk at having to double his expected output in half the expected time.  He dedicated months of his life (and a solid bit of his fashion sense…) to making sure that we would all have the opportunity to own a signed copy of his novel.  And even now, he (and his behind-the-scenes heroes) are working hard to see his promise through to the best of his ability.

That’s an extraordinary, unprecedented show of dedication and gratitude to his fans.  If a few unsigned books have slipped through the cracks, I can’t bring myself to worry — at this point the signature itself is secondary.  The act of signing 150 000 books, and the love between author and reader implied by that gesture, make me feel more connected to John than even that long-awaited J-scribble could possibly do.

That’s why, in the unlikely event that my copy is unsigned, I won’t mind at all (and I hope John is seeing that I’m far from the only one).  We already got your gift, John; thank you.